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Laure Lemonnier

Baby sleep consultant, signing with baby & childcare assistant

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I'm the proud mother of 4 children and a graduate of the Pellegrin Hospital nursery school in Bordeaux.

With my diploma in hand, I was able to work for 9 years in various crèches and then 10 years in the level 3 maternity unit at Pellegrin, where I spent 8 years working nights, mainly in the delivery room and obstetric emergencies.

Passionate about parenthood, I wanted to share my experience with families in their own homes, as soon as they returned from maternity leave, to support them in their first steps as parents.

I'm also about to start a training course with Brigitte Langevin to become a sleep coach and give you more tools for this period of mutual discovery.

To put my experience and numerous training courses at your disposal, I am offering you a consultation service (home, telephone, videoconference) where I will answer all your questions within the limits of my competence (or, if necessary, refer you to a more appropriate professional): crying, sleeping, feeding (breastfeeding, DME, etc.), psychomotor development, childcare equipment, newborn care, etc.

I can also tell you what your baby's dominant senses are (tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory/gustatory) so that you can better interpret his behaviour.

In addition to Tendres Histoires, I provide parenting support by helping families returning from maternity to cope with the nights and days with personalised childcare. For this you can visit Laure Nurse Bordeaux to find out what best suits your expectations for your newborn baby.

Listen to my podcast about my job, my passion and myself. Produced by Pauline de Mortain

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For all your questions, post baby cry decoding workshop, post-support and appointments, please do not hesitate to contact me



06 31 95 54 35

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Monday/Friday: 09:00 to 19:00

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