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What is parenting support?

A parenting support consists of active listening and support through consultations or workshops, such as Tender StoriesThe aim is to help young parents take charge of their role. This involves providing advice from the very first days with baby and supporting mum when she leaves the maternity hospital. It's also their role to help the couple deal with situations they may encounter with an older child. Being a parent is a lifelong commitment, and it's normal to want to support your child so that he or she can grow into a fulfilled adult. So it's perfectly legitimate to accept the help you can get from health and early childhood professionals to help you live a fulfilling and healthy parenthood.  

Who should I contact for parenting support?

If you need support with parenting, you can turn to a structure that can help you communicate the problems you are experiencing. These centres act as an interface between several professionals to provide support in all areas. They are there to listen to parents, to help them gain confidence and to help them play their role on an individual basis. Depending on the resources developed by the various social and medical players to support parenthood, it is possible to contact :

  • Networks for listening to, supporting and accompanying parents (Réseaux d'écoute, d'appui et d'accompagnement des parents - Reaap)
  • Family mediation
  • Child and parent drop-in centres (Laep)
  • Meeting space (ER)
  • Self-employed nursery assistant (nanny or micro-business status)

The Caisse d'Allocations Familiales makes it easy to find these places, and thus to direct parents towards meeting places. In addition, contact details for the various parenting support structures can be found at the local council, the Conseil Général, the PMI in the area where you live, and even on the Internet.

Which professionals can help you with parenting?

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As early as the maternity ward, you can get help from your childminder, midwife or any other healthcare professional. Subsequently, including support before returning to work, help can be sought from the family doctor, paediatrician or psychologist. The advantage of parenting support centres is that they can act as a relay between the various players involved, providing parents with a targeted response and help.

Should we be ashamed to ask for parenting support?

There's absolutely nothing shameful about asking for parenting support. To do so is to listen to your anxieties and questions. It's best to ask for help to avoid being overwhelmed in the early days and as a preventive measure in the post-partum period. The empathy of health and early childhood professionals will help build a relationship based on trust rather than judgement.

How can you find your place as a parent with parenting support?

Parenting support centres are there to help parents become parents, but never to replace them. They help parents to understand that they are the primary educators in their child's life. However, at some point in a parent's life, they may encounter difficulties in meeting this responsibility. It would be a pity not to take advantage of the help and support available from early years professionals. In this way, young parents can get the answers and support they need to deal with situations more effectively and become active players in their own family life.



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