Decoding baby crying

Your baby is crying. What exactly is he saying? Wouldn't it be wonderful to understand him and soothe him immediately?

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The language of babies

A baby's only expression from birth is crying. But what does a newborn baby mean when he cries? Decoding a baby's cry is a medical and scientific method based on 13 years of research. Visit Dunstan Baby Language was born from the work of Priscilla Dunstan, who, thanks to her extraordinary abilities: the absolute ear and memory for sounds, shared her discovery of observing and listening to babies. Clinical studies carried out in Australia have revealed sound reflexes. The method of decoding baby cries has now proved its worth all over the world.

Laure Lemonnier, baby cry decoding instructor

Baby cry decoding workshop or Dunstan Baby Language

The workshop is open to everyone: Parents-to-be, young parents of babies or twins, early childhood professionals. This workshop will give you the tools you need to better understand what baby wants when he cries. A cry equals a need. Trained in the Dunstan Baby Language method, I'll explain how the workshop on decoding baby's crying works:

The workshop process

  • The workshop will consist of 2 sessions of 1h to 1h15 each, separated by at least one week.
  • There will be a discussion to find out about and analyse your requests and the questions you have about your baby's crying.
  • Through videos and case studies, I will show you the 5 recognised and validated crying patterns of the Dunstan Baby Language method.
  • You'll know and come away with the notion that every cry is a baby need.
  • You will understand that crying is a physiological language specific to all babies and that it is their way of making themselves heard.
  • This decoding baby crying workshop is also designed to prevent shaken baby syndrome.
  • This workshop will give you the confidence to analyse your baby's needs.
  • This workshop will help you to find or rediscover serenity between you and your baby, because the crying barrier will no longer be a problem.

I recommend that two parents take part in the workshopThe aim is also to strengthen the family cocoon. Both mum and dad need to get involved, in their own way, but the support of both is important for your baby. The workshop can be held face-to-face or by videoconference.

After the workshop, I'll be available by phone to discuss the situation.

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Individual face-to-face workshop 

70€ for 2 sessions

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Group workshop on parenting

Tuesday mornings from 10.30am - 12pm / €40/family

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