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Watching your baby sleep peacefully will no longer be a dream, but a reality.

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Your baby won't sleep, I'm here to help you

Laure Lemonnier your baby sleep consultant

After several unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep, after minutes of rocking, your baby opens his eyes wide and cries as soon as you put him down in his cot, even though you thought he had fallen asleep. Don't stress, don't get upset, I'll help you to understand the different rhythms of sleep, and to recognise them. 


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Sleep Consultation 0 to 5 years

JI'll come to you to talk to you about your day-to-day life with your baby. I'll give you the tools you need to help your newborn fall asleep and to understand the different stages in a child's learning to sleep. I'll be with you during the day or at night to help you guide your baby into dreamland.

Sleeping 0 to 5 consultation procedure

VISIO consultation with report


  • Visio consultation
  • Sending a personalised report

VISIO consultation with report and follow-up


  • Visio consultation
  • Sending a personalised report
  • 1 week follow-up (unlimited phone calls or text messages)

Consultation at your home with report


  • Consultation at your home
  • Sending a personalised report

Consultation at your home with report and follow-up


  • Consultation at your home
  • Sending a personalised report
  • 1 week follow-up (unlimited phone calls or text messages)

*Prices for the Bordeaux region

An ultra-personalised baby sleep consultation, because you need it, the sleep + package is for you.

Optimise your consultation with the Sleep + packageThis is the solution I can offer you. Close contact and active listening so that you and your baby can finally find the way to sleep and restful nights. To achieve this, I'll come to you and combine :

  • A sleep consultation
  • followed directly by an 8-hour overnight coaching session to help you put in place all the tools and advice I would have given you beforehand.
  • 15 days unlimited SMS tracking
  • 2 telephone calls to review the situation
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Why use a sleep consultant?

Teaching your baby to sleep well can sometimes be difficult. It's not because you're bad parents, it's because you lack the keys to understanding and picking up on the right moments or the signs that your child is tired. A baby sleep consultant will help you with tools to help your little one sleep. Baby sleep specialistShe listens to you, takes your family life into account, follows you for a while and draws up a suitable plan to help you and your baby to get used to falling asleep. 

The sleep consultant won't judge you if you've fallen into bad habits, she's there to help you get back on track and reframe things in a sympathetic way. She will explain that putting your baby to sleep should not be a source of stress or anxiety. It shouldn't turn into a wrestling match, but rather a moment of togetherness and love between you and your baby. 

You won't be alone, baby sleep consultantWe are trained to provide close support and active listening. What's more, taking care of your baby's sleep will have a knock-on effect on your own, because you'll find that you too can rest more peacefully. 

Based in Bordeaux, I travel throughout the Bordeaux region and the Bassin d'Arcachon. I prefer to carry out my consultations in your own home, because it's important for me to get to know your habits well and to better understand why your baby has difficulty falling asleep. Each of my sessions is personalised as much as possible to really create and establish an atmosphere of trust. Remember that if your baby has difficulty falling asleep, it may have something to do with you, because your little one is a sponge and is very receptive to your anxieties and so on.

Sleep consultations in the rest of France & abroad

I'm happy to advise you, even if you don't live in the Bordeaux area, I travel abroad if necessary. I'll give you all the necessary tools and best practices via video. Despite the distance, I'm able to achieve very good results with families, and their babies sleep more peacefully.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements and to draw up a quotation.



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