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As a consultant specialising in baby sleep, based in Bordeaux but mobile throughout France and internationally, I often meet exhausted parents desperately looking for solutions to improve their little one's sleep. Lack of sleep is not only a challenge for your baby, but also affects the well-being of the whole family. I share with you my experience and my method for transforming your family's nights, bringing rest and serenity into your home.

If your child is to thrive and grow up in good conditions, it's crucial that their sleep is taken seriously. That doesn't make you bad parents if you have trouble getting your child to sleep, it's just that you most certainly need support and advice so that your baby finally does. 

Laure Lemonnier

Baby Sleep Consultant

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Laure Lemonnier Baby sleep consultant
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Understanding Baby Sleep Challenges 

The first step to solving a problem is to understand your child. Sleep problems in babies can take many forms:

  •  difficulty falling asleep,
  •  frequent waking at night,
  •  to irregular naps during the day.

These problems are not only tiring for your baby, they can also affect his mood, development and health. As a specialist, I strive to decipher your child's signals, understand the root of the problem and identify the best strategies for achieving restful sleep.

Signs of disturbed sleep in babies 

Recognising the signs of disturbed sleep is crucial if you are to intervene effectively. A baby who has difficulty falling asleep, who wakes up often during the night or who is irritable when waking up may be suffering from sleep disorders. As a consultant, my role is to observe these signs, to understand them in the overall context of the child's life and to provide a response tailored to each family. Every baby is unique, and so must be the solutions.

To understand what's going wrong, and to see the signs that are disrupting sleep, I visit parents' homes. Why? because it allows me to :

  • Visualise your environment: bed, bedroom, siblings
  • Understand the lives and problems of parents
  • Interact with your baby
  • Your habits
  • Your pace...

I don't judge, everything is done in a caring way. Listening is essential to give you the day-to-day tools you need to give your baby a peaceful night's sleep. For some families, I offer a sleep consultation for your child followed by an 8-hour night to give you as much support as possible and give you as many keys as possible.

The video option is also feasible, and the approach will also be based on similar questions. It is important as a baby sleep consultant that I know mum and dad are listening and receptive so that the advice works as well as possible.

Why is the Expertise of a Sleep Consultant Essential?

In a world where information is just a click away, it can seem tempting to rely solely on advice found online. But the expertise of a baby sleep consultant is irreplaceable. My approach goes beyond generic advice: it's based on an in-depth assessment of your baby's sleep habits, your home environment and your routines, as I mentioned above. This allows me to design a personalised plan that respects the specific needs of your child and your family. Together, we work to establish healthy sleep habits, for more peaceful nights for everyone.

Depending on the consultation you choose, I will then accompany you by telephone or video to listen to you, support you and advise you using the advice and tools I have given you.

My other baby sleeping services

VISIO sleep consultation with report


  • Visio consultation
  • Sending a personalised report

VISIO sleep consultation with report and follow-up


  • Visio consultation
  • Sending a personalised report
  • 1 week follow-up (unlimited phone calls or text messages)

The Crucial Role of Personalised Support 

The support I offer, whether at home or by videoconference, is entirely personalised. For families based in Bordeaux or willing to receive me from further afield, I offer the possibility of an in-depth consultation followed by a night of observation and application of sleep techniques. This immersive approach allows me to adjust in real time and coach parents in the application of best practice. For remote consultations, technology allows us to maintain quality interaction, where I can guide parents through the steps they need to take to improve their baby's sleep.

Case studies: Successful transformations 

Over the years, I've had the privilege of accompanying many families in their quest to improve their baby's sleep. For example, Chloé and Florent, who were struggling with their son's frequent night-time awakenings due to reflux, saw a transformation after my intervention. By adjusting their bedtime routine and introducing specific soothing techniques, their son began to sleep through the night, finally giving the family some much-deserved rest. Each case is a testament to the effectiveness of a personalised approach and the power of expertise dedicated to babies' sleep.

Ready to Embrace Change? Contact me at 

If you recognise yourself in these stories, if you aspire to more peaceful nights for you and your baby, I'm here to help you. My commitment as a baby sleep consultantMy aim is to provide tailored support, based on listening, expertise and a passion for the well-being of families. Whether you're in Bordeaux or elsewhere, ready to see me or to chat by videoconference, I invite you to take the first step towards a better night's sleep. Contact me, and together we'll explore how we can transform your family's sleep.

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If you have any doubts, here are my latest reviews

We called on Laure to help us improve our 6-month-old son's sleep. We had reached a stage where he was waking up every 30 minutes every night and it was very difficult to get him to sleep. Exhausted, we didn't know what to do and we didn't want to let him cry but to accompany him. We appreciated the fact that Laure came to spend a night with us to "take stock" and didn't give us advice without knowing our son beforehand, as some "sleep specialists" do. This also enabled us to sleep through the night! The very next day, our son only woke up 2 times a night! 2 weeks later, after applying her advice, he had his very first full night's sleep (8pm-8am!)! Falling asleep is no longer a dreaded part of the day. We're back to evenings out with adults, and that's good. It's the best investment you can make, as sleep is so important for baby and parents alike! Little pieces of advice such as: a good sleeping environment, distinguishing a child's cries, setting up a sleep routine have enabled us to live again (or at least sleep again!). We supplemented this support with a Kinesiologist so that our son could be calmer. Laure sends us messages, encourages us and checks in regularly. She's given us great advice on how to improve our son's naps and we're already seeing results. Thank you Laure! We won't wait as long if there's a 2nd child 😉
Parempuyre Bordeaux
To our very own Laure, who has been a wonderful companion since our triplets were born. She changed my life: my daughters didn't know how to fall asleep on their own, and nights were very difficult. Today my daughters sleep through the night without any help and are much calmer. Thank you to our saviour ❤️
Alia triplettes
Dakar (Senegal)

They put their trust in me

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