I sign with my Baby

Communicate simply with your baby using gestures.

learning baby sign language by Laure Lemonnier

Why learn to sign with your baby?

Communicate and understand Parents have always been very concerned about their baby. Life is so much easier for everyone when we communicate. Gone are the stresses and anxieties of wondering "what does our baby want? Sign language breaks down this barrier and helps you communicate with your child. I'll teach you gestural communication combined with speechOur aim is to give you the right tools to make your daily life as a parent and that of your baby easier. Communication is one of the keys to developing your relationship with your baby.

laure lemonnier baby sign language instructor

Signing with baby workshops

The workshops are open to everyone: Parents-to-be, young parents of babies or twins, early childhood professionals. The workshops, using sign language combined with speech, will give you the tools you need to better understand what your baby wants and what you want. Signing with your baby is a simple, effective way to build a relationship based on exchange, sharing and learning. Babies show a very early need to communicate, and as they don't acquire the ability to speak until much later, they are quick to use their hands. That's why workshops are so important for communicating and growing together in a climate of trust.

The workshop process

There are 6 workshops covering 6 different themes in life:

  • Baby's day
  • The toilet
  • The meal
  • Emotions
  • House and garden
  • People and animals

Each workshop is based around songs, nursery rhymes, games and stories. Learning to sign with your baby should above all be fun. After all, learning sign language should be a shared experience, so that it can be assimilated more easily. 

You can do just one item. If you think that signing with your baby at mealtimes is just for you and to reassure you, you can only learn language on the mealtime theme. I can only encourage you to do all the workshops, as this will allow your baby to grow up in a better learning environment, and you will also be strengthening your relationship with him as a parent.

How to follow the baby sign workshops

Group workshop on parenting
10 rue du Vélodrome 33200 BORDEAUX

  • 1 theme: €25/family
  • 3 themes: €70/family
  • 6 themes: 145€/family
Individual face-to-face workshop at your home
  • 1 theme: €30/family
  • 3 themes: €80/family
  • 6 themes: 170€/family




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Schedules & appointments

Monday/Friday: 09:00 to 19:00