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Workshops and consultations for the well-being of babies and parents

By Laure Lemonnier

Is a good night's sleep like a dream?

Don't wait for your breaking point, don't worry about getting your baby to sleep, I'll help you get your child to sleep.

All questions :

  • Why won't my baby sleep?
  • Why can't I get him to sleep?
  • How do you find your sleep rhythm?
  • Why do I have to spend 40 minutes putting her to sleep?
  • Why does my baby wake up as soon as I put him to bed?

If these questions are on your mind, then you certainly need help to help your child get to sleep.

baby sleep consultation Laure Lemonnier

Baby sleep consultant and children aged 0 to 5. During my consultations, I will help you to understand the different stages of sleep. Identify when your baby wants to sleep. Your child will end up having sweet dreams and you will feel happier and lighter.

If you live abroad, depending on my availability and yours, I can come to you. for 2 to 3 daysto help and support you in a caring way about your baby's sleep or your twins. I have already worked with families in Zurich, Luxembourg and Monaco....

Instructor in sign and speech communication

It feels so good to give the greatest gift of all: to know that you are heard and understood.

Communicating and understanding your baby are two essential aspects of the parent/child relationship.

  • Can we communicate with our hands?
  • Can I make myself understood using signs?
  • Will my baby understand me?
  • Will sign language slow its growth? ?

If you're asking yourself all these questions, you've come to the right place.

communicating with baby sign language

Instructor in Baby sign languageI will guide you, through workshops and personalised support, to sign with your baby from birth. 

This is a great gift idea that will be of great help to young and future parents.

Let's get to know each other better

My name is Laure Lemonnier and I'd like to share with you who I am by telling you a little about my professional and personal path. Because it's important that you know who you're going to be spending your time with and spending some time with your baby.

Conference on decoding baby crying

decoding baby cries conference with Laure Lemonnier

Thank you to the nursing students at the Orléans hospital school who asked me to give them a lecture on decoding baby crying. Using video projections and case studies, I gave them the tools they needed to provide better support to the future parents they will meet in the course of their careers:

  • The history of Dunstan Baby Language
  • The Ateliers DBL approach
  • Recognising and identifying the 5 types of crying
  • How to pass them on to young parents
  • Sharing experiences
The aim was to find out how the DBL could help them.

If you too would like to attend a conference or lecture 

Contact me using the form

Testimonials from parents

What luck to have come across Laure who knows how to be comforting, reassuring and kind in her advice...
Line's mum
...She gave us invaluable advice and put us in touch with other professionals on issues she couldn't resolve. Many thanks, we'd rather recommend her twice than once!
Dad of Lili-Ambre & Lucette
Her advice, availability and kindness made us feel confident right from the start. Laure is always ready to listen to both children and parents...
Iasbelle & Thibault
Parents of Alice & Julie

Don't be left alone, the parenting support is a range of initiatives designed to meet your expectations and support you on a daily basis. Being a parent, mum or dad, is a unique experience, but one that sometimes requires support. Tendres Histoires is there for you in the form of consultations (sleep) or workshops (decoding baby's cries), to help you become a parent with peace of mind.

They put their trust in me

Jumeau et plus 33 and Laure Lemonnier
udaff 33 and Laure Lemonnier

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